How to Use Car Theft Prevention Tips


Keep your car doors locked and your windows rolled up tight to help prevent theft. Thieves can use a device called a slim jim to unlock your car. The slim jim inserts though the cracked window and pops the lock open.


Take your keys from the ignition when you exit your car.


Turn off your car engine and lock the door every time you leave your car. Thieves look for running cars at convenience stores and then hop in and drive off while you are inside making your purchase.


Buy a club for your car. These are easy-to-use prevention tools that install on your steering wheel. They are extremely difficult to remove without the key so thieves become discouraged and move on to another car that's easier to steal.


Remove all valuables from your car. Do not leave tools, MP3 players or loose change in plain sight in your car. These are easy theft items and thieves may even smash your car window to grab these items.


Hide valuables under seats or in the trunk of your car. You can also place small items in your locked glove box. In addition, you can engrave your initials on your tools and other personal items for identification purposes in case a thief does steal your car.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you engrave your initials on your tools, use all your initials including the initial for your middle name for better identification. Do not use your full name, phone number or other information that a thief can use to track you and rob your home.