How to Renew Car Insurance


Act within one month's time of renewing your car insurance policy. Canceling your current insurance company, if you decide to, occurs without penalties or fees if done at the time of renewal. However, make sure you have your new insurer in place before canceling the old one.


Collect all your information regarding your recent insurance bill or renewal notice about your policy. Look over your coverage and cost. Note if you get a discount for renewal with the same insurer. Other information to have on hand is driver's license number and vehicle registration.


Save time by picking the top three auto insurance companies and make calls to them about your consideration of canceling your old company in hopes they can give you a better offer. Apply and note all three offers.


Decide if one of the three new offers are lower than your current insurer's renewal quote. If one of the new ones is lower, call your current company and ask them if they want to make a better offer than the new insurance company bid. If your old company makes a better offer or matches it, stay with them because it is easier all around.


Be ready to inform your current insurance company that you will cancel the policy if they can't give you the offer you want and that you are going to a new company. Make sure when you cancel, you have the new policy in place already. You never want to be without coverage.

Tips and Warnings

  • When you get new quotes, make sure to get them in writing. The key is to be able to differentiate your bids and go for the best policy even if it means remaining with your current insurer. At least you know you are not overpaying and are with the company that is right for you.