How to Insure a Horse Trailer


Gather information on your horse trailer, such as the make, model, year and serial or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This information is necessary for receiving a quote on insurance.


Know how many horses the trailer is made to haul, the type of hitch on the trailer, the length and width and the purchase price. Knowing the answers to these questions can be helpful to the insurance company if you are looking for a quote. You will also need to decide if this trailer will be used for commercial use such as hauling other horses for profit. Insurance will be different if commercial use or personal use.


Look around for insurance companies that offer coverage for horse trailers. Start with your automotive insurance carrier. If they offer horse trailer insurance, they may offer a discount to you if you have existing policies with them.


Decide on the type and amount of coverage (such as comprehensive or collision) you would like to have on your horse trailer. Each state differs on their requirements and limits. The insurance provider can let you know the minimum amount on each policy.


Purchase the horse trailer insurance policy that fits your needs. Keep proof of the insurance in the vehicle used to haul the trailer at all times. Keep a copy of the insurance inside the trailer if possible.

Tips and Warnings

  • Put a copy of the insurance coverage inside the horse trailer in a weather-proof container, such as a plastic baggy. Stick it to the inside of the trailer in the saddle compartment or living quarters of the trailer.