How to Get Roadside Service


Check with your insurance company and see if they provide roadside service. Many of them, like AAA, provide roadside service automatically while others offer it at an additional cost. If you do a lot of driving, especially to distant places, it could be worth the cost to get roadside service.


Inquire with the sales manager when you have your tires replaced. A lot of tire companies offer roadside service as part of their warranty on your tires.


Join an auto club to get roadside service. Shop online to find roadside service for a very reasonable price (see Resources below).


Call the dealership where you bought your car and see if it came with roadside service. This is often included in the warranty on your car.


Apply for a gas card such as Chevron or Shell. For a small monthly fee you can get roadside service with your charge card.

Tips and Warnings

  • Even if you don't have roadside service and you get stranded you can call a tow company for help. This will cost you a lot of money so it's advised to obtain this in advance.