How to Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes


Visit companies such as Progressive (, GEICO (, State Farm ( and Allstate ( These companies have comprehensive, user-friendly websites. Look for the 'get online quotes' or 'get quotes' icon on these websites. Click it to begin the process.


Proceed after reviewing the legal disclaimer on the website.


Typically, in the first step you would be asked to provide basic information such as your name, telephone number and address. You will be asked questions about your car type, make, year, number of people who will be insured. You will be directed to the next page after completing the questionnaire..


Provide all security and safety information relating to the car. Most websites have a pull-down menu with all the features available for you to select from.


Enter your employment and housing status. These are relatively simple questions requirig few details.


Provide information about any traffic violations or convictions that you may have. The particulars of this information may vary on different websites. Some websites may ask you to provide specific information such as a criminal offense or driving under the influence..


Get an estimated car insurance quote!

Tips and Warnings

  • Be honest. Even though this is just an online questionnaire, the more honest you are about your past history, the more realistic quote you will get.
  • Save the quote for future reference and use it when speaking to customer service representatives at the company providing the quote. This also can save a lot of time.
  • Read the fine print very carefully. Confirm that there is no obligation to purchase insurance coverage when you request an online quote. Also, go through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to determine whether the figures quoted are actual or estimated.