How to Get Insurance on a Sports Car


Think through your buying options well ahead of your purchase. Talk with other sports car owners about their experience, driving and handling a sports car as well as their experience getting insurance.


Ask your dealer before purchasing if the car you are considering buying is classified as a sports car.


Get insurance quotes from more than three insurance companies or agents. The car classification database of a company may see some as sports cars, but another company's may not. So, see how it stacks up as multiple sources categorize your car.


Lower your premium by giving all relevant information such as the condition of the car, automatic seat belts and anti-lock brakes.


Do not give wrong information about your car. Be upfront and honest with the insurance company about the specifications.

Tips and Warnings

  • Replacing spare parts or repairing damage may end up very expensive, so always opt for comprehensive collision coverage.
  • If you have restored or added to the body or exterior of the car, mention it to the insurance company. Your car may get discounts.