How to Get Car Insurance for a Classic Car


Find out the value of your classic car. An insurance company will want to know how much insurance you need.


Start your search with some of the leading classic car insurers. The biggest names include Hagerty Classic, Grundy Worldwide, Leland-West, J.C. Taylor, Classic Collectors Insurance, Classic Car Insurance, Lant and Co. and American Hobbyist. See the Resources below for a list of companies offering classic car insurance.


If you aren't confident with one of the companies from Step 2, check with your current automotive insurance agent to see if they offer classic car insurance. You should also look through the phonebook to see if anyone specializes in classic car insurance. Call different agencies for quotes.


Consider using an online insurance agency. These can be more competitive and may offer better rates.


Give yourself a complete classic car insurance evaluation, taking into account the questions that commonly arise--vehicle type, type of coverage, price, protocol for claims. Use the FAQ provided in the Resources below.

Tips and Warnings

  • Have all of your vehicle information ready before calling for quotes. This will make getting a quote easier.