How to Get Car Insurance Discounts


Keep your driving record spotless. Insurance companies are very interested in your driving record, and you should be too. Many offer car insurance discounts to drivers with exceptional driving records. If you've been accident and moving-violation free for at least three years, there's likely to be a discount available to you. Ask your agent for details.


Use the same insurance company for all your family's vehicles. Insure the second car, the RV, your daughter's car and your son's ATV all with the same insurance company. By pooling all your family's vehicles into a single insurance carrier, you can qualify for a multi-vehicle discount.


Consolidate. Obtain quotes from reputable insurance companies to move all your insurance products to one carrier. Many trustworthy insurance companies carry not only auto insurance but also homeowners, life, disability, health and more. You can retain comparable coverage, yet save money on car insurance with a multi-line discount.


Surf into savings and check online. Use common sense to be certain you're dealing with a reputable company. Many well-established insurance carriers offer auto insurance discounts just for purchasing through their website.


Take a close look at your vehicle. Some insurers provide auto insurance discounts for vehicles with options like airbags, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes and daytime running lights. Ask your agent what option discounts are available; you could have money-saving discounts already waiting for you.