How to Get Car Insurance Before You Move to Another State


Check your car insurance policy rules, especially if you plan to stay in the new state for more than six months. Contact your company agent and see if your policy or premium will be affected by your move.


Notify your insurance company of the date when you intend to move. Specify your new address and the city where you will be relocating. After a six-month period, your policy needs reassessment. Your premium may increase or decrease depending on where you are located.


Decide to stay with your existing insurance company, or to choose another company. If your premium is likely to increase, you can shop for quotes in the new state where you intend to move.


Request multiple quotes before making a decision. You can terminate your policy after a six-month period if you are getting cheaper quotes once you are settled in the new state. You may also terminate a policy prior to this period if you are getting an attractive quote from a new company.


Notify the insurance company of your new address if you purchase a new policy. This should be done before you move.

Tips and Warnings

  • Rules--from types of coverage to limits--vary from state to state for every insurance company. Collect the latest information about the policies and regulations in the new state.
  • If you are moving to another state as part of a company relocation plan, check to see if the company provides you with car insurance. If you are insured under the company, then you will save a lot of trouble on the entire issue irrespective of when you move, where you relocate and for how long you reside there.
  • If the rates in your existing state are lower than in the state where you plan to move, choose to keep the cheaper short-term insurance for six months.