How to Get Car Insurance After Two DWIs or DWIs


Assess the situation regarding your license suspension. If this is your second DWI, your license will most likely be suspended. If there is any hope of retention, you will need to contact a company who is willing to offer you insurance coverage.


Get the SR-22 form procedure completed by your insurance company. This is official documentation required to redeem a suspended license and get your car registered at the local DMV.


Remember the premium will be extremely high as you will most likely be termed as a "highly risky driver."


Submit the SR-22 form to the local DMV, but note that your license will be put on probation for at least two years.


There is a second option. Say your license is suspended and no insurance company is willing to get an SR-22 for you. In such a situation, your driving history will have to be clean before you can drive or get insured again. It usually takes 5 to 7 years before you can get a clean enough record to begin all over again.


Face the consequences. You are unable to drive your own or a borrowed car. You are stripped of your driving license, which is one of the only legitimate proofs of ID in the U.S. You will have to report to your nearest DMV and request a personal ID card.


Maintain a good history by not getting into further trouble. Stay off the road as a driver and use public transportation to commute. Do not borrow anyone's car or make any other attempt to drive on a suspended license.

Tips and Warnings

  • Request that the insurance company issue a SR-22 for you. Don't make up a story, but present yourself as a sober person willing to change.
  • Join a rehabilitation course and try to get rid of your drinking habit. Producing a rehab certificate may encourage the insurance company to do the SR-22 formality for you.
  • Refrain from being a designated driver when with friends or colleagues while visiting a night club or a bar. This will be helpful to avoid a second DWI if you already have one. Prevention is the best cure.