How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance


Call some insurance agents listed in the Yellow Pages. Or go online and search some top insurance companies. Most companies have websites explaining their different policies. Answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge all the questions, personal as well as car-related, asked by insurance companies or agents. You should receive a quote in just a few minutes. Repeat this process for as many companies as possible and compare the quotes provided.


Collect information about the premiums charged by different companies for same kind of services, especially the risks covered. This will help you find the lowest and highest premium for car insurance.


Reduce your monthly installments by installing additional safety features such as an anti-theft device, airbags and automatic seat belts in your car.


Opt for a yearly policy instead of six-month policy. This will save you money and get you a lower quote.


Be sure to specify the least distance or time it takes to reach your job. The quicker you reach your workplace the lower your insurance cost.


Insurance companies offer discounts for being affiliated with their member directory. Ask the agent or the company representative for more information.


Be sure that you have a clean credit history. This can get you further discounts.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you have multiple cars, you can save considerably. Some people have separate cars for the summer and winter seasons. Both cars are rarely used simultaneously. Specifying the storage periods of each and buying a comprehensive storage coverage could lower your insurance rate significantly. Even if you have a single car that you may not drive too often, be sure your insurance agent knows this.
  • Sometimes you have to pay a heavy price forcheap insurance. There are several 'catch' clauses such as 'minimum deductible' on a claim. Consult experts for understanding legal aspects.