How to Find Zero Deductible Car Insurance


Find out if your state offers zero deductible car insurance. Some states only have traditional plans that make you subject to deductibles.


Contact a car insurance broker. You can discuss the pros and cons of a zero deductible car insurance policy and he'll let you know the different types of policies that are available.


Go online and check out the zero deductible policies offered by the better known insurance companies. Progressive, Liberty Mutual and Geico have websites that contain information about their different policies and prices.


Compare the quotes between deductible and zero deductible policies. You'll find that the premiums are going to be higher with the latter, but it is likely worthwhile if you do get into an accident.


Discover whether or not you are eligible for the zero deductible coverage. If you have been in several accidents, companies are not likely to extend that type of plan to you.

Tips and Warnings

  • There are more zero deductible car insurance policies in other countries than stateside. Particularly, Canadian auto insurance companies offer zero deductible policies to drivers.
  • Remember to check all limitations when you find a zero deductible car insurance policy that you are interested in getting. It may seem like the premiums are comparable to deductible insurance, but it may not cover a lot of things.