How to Find Motorcycle Insurance


Learn local regulations governing motorcycle insurance. In some states, you have to buy insurance before you can take delivery of a new motorcycle from the dealer. Other states have opted out of this requirement.


Contact a local agent who deals in motorcycle insurance. Ask for detailed information about different policies covering motorcycles and their riders.


Meet or consult other bike owners in your area to get recommendation before buying insurance.


Ask for quotes from motocyle dealers. Many have links to several insurance companies.


Shop for quotes. Go online and visit Web sites that offer insurance schemes.


Make notes on all critical factors that affect your motorcycle insurance premium rate. Most common factors include your age and driving record, brand of motorcycle and size of engine, distance driven commuting each week, and the nature of use. If you ride to work, for example, that has a different premium calculation than riding for leisure.


Check different policies and clauses regarding required safety gear, such as helmets, clothing and shoes.

Tips and Warnings

  • Motorcyclists have a reputation for getting more speeding tickets than other drivers. Ensure lower rates by driving safely. Your premium can go up if you are not careful.
  • In case of an accident, if you are not wearing your safety gear, your insurance may not fully cover your injuries or damage.