How to Find Insurance Records from a Previous Owner of a Car


Contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and request a copy of the last title transfer of the car you are buying. Depending on where you live, this report can cost between $12 and $18. This report will give you accurate details on the current and or previous owner, his or her name and the contact information.


Contact your state's Department of Insurance for sources that can provide this information. If you can locate the previous owner, ask him or her to provide the details. The previous owner is likely to oblige since he or she already has sold the car. In some cases, the documents obtained from the DMV may identify the prior owner's insurance company.


Call the insurance company's customer service number, usually listed on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages.


Ask the company to provide all information or a photocopy of the previous owner's insurance coveage and any prior claims.


Make sure that you request the information only for the car you want to buy, not for any other car possessed by the previous owner.


Seek more professional help by spending a few dollars. Provide the information about the car that to a professional agency such as CARFAX. It will send you reliable details about the car you want to buy.