How to Find Commercial Auto Liability Coverage


Go online and search for "Commercial auto liability coverage." Enter these keywords in a reliable search engine such as Google or Yahoo.


Prepare a list of companies that provide a liability policy for a commercial vehicle. Note the phone numbers of the companies that provide commercial auto policies. Shortlist the companies you believe have excellent reputations.


Call the company representative and inform them about the type of coverage you are looking for.


Collect information about the four kinds of policies that are usually offered by the companies. Ask the agent to provide details of the Liability Coverage, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage and Rental Reimbursement Coverage.


Understand the clauses well as your auto is used for commercial purpose and there is more of a risk factor, therefore requiring adequate coverage. Ensure that you are covered for body injuries and other person's property damage under the liability coverage.


Get quotes from many companies. Compare and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Tips and Warnings

  • Get an updated inspection report of your commercial auto. Some companies may think that your auto may not be a good condition as you are requesting a liability cover on it.
  • Do not go with companies that are not known to you or your colleagues.
  • Look out for hidden charges before you buy the liability coverage, especially if you plan to carry passengers.