How to File a Car Accident Claim


Get the insurance information of all other drivers immediately. This is especially important if the accident was the fault of the other party, as it will keep you from paying a deductible. You'll also avoid higher insurance costs in the future if their company pays for your claim, rather than your own.


Take pictures of any damage. The insurance representative will likely take pictures as well, but they may not be there immediately after the accident. It is always good to have a set of pictures that show the position of the vehicles, as well as the surrounding environment, immediately after the accident. These will help you tell your story of how the accident occurred.


Call a claims representative as soon as possible. Even on the scene if both parties are willing to wait. The representative will fill out the claims form, take pictures, get both sides of the story, and possibly interview any witnesses still around.


Wait for your compensation check to arrive. This may take several weeks to several months, so you may want to get repairs made to your vehicle before hand if you have the means. You will likely get a check for the lowest estimated repair cost given to the insurance company or the current blue book value, if your car was totaled.