How to Check Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements


Inform yourself about your state's minimum auto insurance requirements. Make sure you speak to a reliable source or link to a web site that clearly and truthfully states the conditions of auto insurance coverage for your state. Each state varies. You need to know what is required by your state.


Understand the auto insurance numbers. Most insurance companies follow a series of three numbers to determine bodily injury and property damage in each state. The minimum requirements in Arizona, for instance, for one accident, based on thousands of dollars, are 15/30/10. Bodily injury liability is maximum coverage for the first number. The second number pertains to maximum amount paid out for all bodily injuries. The third is maximum paid out for property damage.


Decide if the state minimum insurance requirements cover you and your family accurately enough based upon the insurance company's quote you receive. If the premiums you need to pay are easily doable and you can pay more, try not to skimp and pay more for bodily injury.


Find out if you live in a no-fault state. If so, that means your insurance company must cover the losses even though the accident was not your fault.