How to Buy an Auto Insurance Policy


Get a report on your credit history. You can get your credit report online (see below). Believe it or not, auto Insurance quotes can be affected by your credit score. There are several auto insurance companies that take good or bad credit into consideration when quoting a policy rate.


Contact your local DMV to obtain your driving record. If you have a valid driver's license then DMV will help you determine if you have any pending violations. However, if you are a new driver you may not have a driving history, and your driving record won't be considered.


Find out the auto insurance coverage limits on different policies. Depending on the legal requirements in your state, you might be liable for certain mandatory coverage as well as having the option of buying other types of coverage.


Decide on how much you can afford. If your monthly income isn't sufficient you may find it difficult to balance your essential expenses and drive a vehicle. Set aside a reasonable amount for your premium or be prepared to pay a little more than you anticipated until you can clean up your credit or driving record and obtain cheaper auto insurance.


Use multiple online searches to find out the best carrier and policy. Visit popular insurance Web sites (see below). These sites offer valuable information on finding the right insurance, and they also offer free quotes.


Discuss with your friends, family members and colleagues your auto insurance plans. Find out what policies they have and what their experiences have been.


Look in the Yellow Pages and shortlist a few competent insurance agents in your area who can help you choose the best policy. Ask detailed questions about the insurance policy theyrecommend, including premium rates and benefits. Get suggestions from the agent on lowering your premium.


Use all practical info and features about the car to get legitimate discounts. This helps you save on the auto insurance premium. If you have taken a safe drivers course and if you own certain types of credit card or have some elite institutional memberships, you may qualify for further discounts. Ask for all possible discounts and the requirements for each.

Tips and Warnings

  • Buying a 12-month policy can save more overall compared to a 6-month policy. Decide on the best option, depending on how and when you plan to switch.
  • Sometimes, by paying 6 months of an auto insurance premium in advance you can save on the premium. Ask your insurance agent for more info.
  • Read all clauses of your policy upon receipt. Double-check to see that the policy covers everything you need. Make sure it delivers what has been promised.