How to Buy Roadside Assistance Insurance


Buy roadside assistance car insurance through a motor club. AAA is the most popular one, but there are other motor clubs as well. Check out the local yellow pages in your phone book to find motor clubs in your area.


Choose roadside assistance insurance from AARP if you are over 50 and are a member of that organization. It offers discounted rates to seniors, so don't forget to take advantage of the reduced rates.


Select roadside assistance insurance as one of the features on your cell phone. Most cell phone providers offer this service for just a small additional monthly charge.


Keep your roadside assistance car insurance card in the glove box of your car or in your wallet. You need to have this when your car breaks down. Since you are covered no matter what car you are driving, it makes sense to always have this card with you.


Enforce your policy by keeping it current. Most auto clubs require once-a-year payment, but the cell phone companies usually charge it as a monthly charge on your cell phone bill.